2018: End of the Year

The Good:

  • We got engaged

  • We got a puppy

  • We bought a house

  • We moved back to Philadelphia

  • Reinvigorating new management clients

The Bad:

  • The residual damage of the end of 2017

  • Similar hardships in the first half of 2018

  • Leaving New York and finding ways to adjust to Philadelphia

  • Overextension


  • A refresh of several music-focussed businesses

  • The make or break year for Hello Donuts

  • We’re getting married

  • A vacation

End of the Year:

I reshuffled a few things on my site in 2018 that finally made me happy. I abandoned a standalone blog for Allergic Reactions and nestled it within zzarrillo.com, which I think was the right decision considering its lack of published material. I also spent time building out sections for the work I do, the music I listen to, the shows I attend, random theorems, and an activity log. These are areas I hope and expect to continue updating on a yearly basis as an antidote to my inability to consistently write anything.

  • Activity Log: A new addition! Featuring my favorite dining and drinking experiences of the year, every flight I took, plus new TV shows and movies I watched.

  • Music: Find my top ten releases, everything I listened to, and everything I worked on.

  • Shows: I went to 69 shows in 2018 (nice), which was a sharp decline from recent years.

  • Theorems: I have thoughts.

  • Works: Previously broken down by year (2009-present), reorganized into four categories: Miscellaneous, Media, Labels, and Management.