Many Hats Endeavors

Many Hats Endeavors was started as a way to lend record label experience to artists looking for a creative option. Since then, MHE has expanded to help other companies in and around the music industry.


Efficient Endeavors

Launched in 2018 with home bases in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, Efficient proudly handles bookkeeping and royalty management services for record labels, artists, and other small businesses in and around the independent music industry. I pushed for Emily and Grace to start the endeavor.


Hello Donuts

Hello Donuts was dreamed up in a Fishtown coffee shop between Joseph Marro, Ben Walsh, and Zack Zarrillo in partnership with ReAnimator Coffee. Hello has been serving donuts at pop-up shops and through wholesale partners since June 2017 with our first brick and mortar shop opening in 2019.



Spread was dreamed up to be a better advance music delivering platform for labels, publicists, and artists compared to other contemporary services. The project never got off the ground.


Covers by Cold Pizza

Cold Pizza is a design studio operated by close collaborator Matt Delisle. Matt worked on a series called Covers that reimagined artwork by bands with iconic releases in the alternative music scene. I helped Matt with Covers-006. The project has since been dormant.