Bad Timing Records

Bad Timing Records is an independent record label run by Thomas Nassiff and Zack Zarrillo from the cities of New York and Philadelphia. Started as a “bucket list” dream of Nassiff and Zarrillo’s in July 2013 with a first-time vinyl pressing of Acceptance’s Phantoms, the label quickly began gaining a positive reputation in the vinyl community before expanding away from reissues and into original releases.

Bad Timing was dreamed up in February 2013 and was a launching point, alongside Rocky Point, of many future ideas and goals.

Bad Timing's full discography can be found here.


Public Consumption Recording Co.

Public Consumption is a joint-venture with Elektra Music Group founded by Evange Livanos and myself.


Jade Tree

I was hired by Jade Tree in June 2014 to re-launch the iconic punk and hardcore label  following a period of hibernation. Darren Walters, the label's co-founder, was my school professor at Drexel University, which lead to our teaming up. I stopped working at the label in August 2015 following a breaking down of our internal processes. I was involved in these releases:

  • Dark Blue - Pure Reality

  • You Blew It - Pioneer of Nothing

  • Spraynard - Bench, Mable

  • Socialite - I See You/I Don’t Care

  • Dogs on Acid - Dogs on Acid

  • The Promise Ring - 30° Everywhere, Nothing Feels Good, Very Emergency (Reissues)

  • Jade Tree - Twenty Five Years


Procrastinate! Music Traitors

Procrastinate! Music Traitors is a record label owned and operated by members of the band Brand New. I joined the entity in August of 2015 and was active in working on the following releases:

  • Brand New - Leaked Demos 2006

  • Greater Pyrenees - Greater Pyrenees

  • Brand New - I Am A Nightmare

  • Brand New - Mene

  • Brand New - 3 Demos, Reworked

  • Kevin Devine - Instigator

  • Brand New - Science Fiction

  • Kevin Devine - We Are Who We've Always Been

Brand New's Science Fiction was a number one record in 2017, and the first independent release of 2017 to reach number one.