Triple Crown Records

Triple Crown Records was established in 1997 and is a cornerstone label for the independent punk and indie music scene. I consult for the label on a case by case basis.


Flower Girl Records

Cameron Boucher started Flower Girl Records to better serve parts of his own discography (Sorority Noise, Old Gray, Small Circle) and pieces of music from other great artists. I helped form the label in August of 2016 and was active in working on the following releases:

  • Cameron Boucher - Some Covers
  • Old Gray - Slow Burn
  • Old Gray - An Autobiography (Reissue)
  • Sorority Noise - Forgettable (Reissue)
  • Small Circle - Melatonin
  • Cameron Boucher - Hell is Warm
  • Greg Horbal - Sick
  • Small Circle - Cyclical
  • En Route - Then is a Song
  • Caracara - Summer Megalith
  • Animal Flag - Void Ripper
  • Field Medic, Cameron Boucher - Split
  • Adam Ackerman - Autobiologist

Flower Girl's full discography can be found here.


Daytrotter Session by Bad Books

I helped bring Bad Books' 2013 Daytrotter Session to life for a one-time vinyl pressing to coincide with a solo acoustic tour with Andy Hull and Kevin Devine. I also helped bring Bad Books' I to vinyl through Triple Crown Records.


Second City Prints

Second City is a boutique merchandise printing, webstore management & tour merchandise fulfillment services, specifically engineered to meet the demands of today's music industry. I have provided consulting knowledge to Second City on case by case bases.