Synergy Artist Management

Eric Osman (through mid-2015) and I joined Synergy in November 2013 in order to team up with Evange Livanos to help broaden our reaches to benefit our bands and skills. Today, I am the Vice President of Synergy and work with these artists:

  • Cavetown
  • Chloe Moriondo
  • Homesafe
  • Jetty Bones
  • Kevin Devine
  • Knuckle Puck
  • Remo Drive

Former clients: Light Years, Have Mercy, McCafferty, Mike Sapone, Old Gray, Sorority Noise, Small Circle

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Bad Timing Records

Bad Timing Records is an independent record label run by Thomas Nassiff and Zack Zarrillo from the cities of New York and Philadelphia. Started as a “bucket list” dream of Nassiff and Zarrillo’s in July 2013 with a first-time vinyl pressing of Acceptance’s Phantoms, the label quickly began gaining a positive reputation in the vinyl community before expanding away from reissues and into original releases.

Bad Timing was dreamed up in February 2013 and was a launching point, alongside Rocky Point, of many future ideas and goals.

Bad Timing's full discography can be found here.


Rocky Point Management

Rocky Point Management was a first stab at artist management that was born in January 2013 and lasted until November of the same year. Rocky Point was formed with Eric Osman and Thomas Nassiff and featured three individuals who knew very little of what they were looking to accomplish. This is who we worked with:

  • Zack Zarrillo: Light Years
  • Eric Osman: Modern Baseball
  • Thomas Nassiff: The Braces, Farewell Fighter

Thomas soon found out that management was not for him, but Eric and I continued on until we merged with Synergy Artist Management.